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Flamboyant Hotel is located on the north coast of Santa Catarina, in Barra Velha, among the most beautiful beaches in the state, check out some of the tourist attractions of the city.

Lagoa de Barra Velha
Morro do Cristo
Ponte Pencil
Praia dos Pescadores
Festa do Pirão
Praia do Tabuleiro
Praia do Grant
Pedras Brancas
Boca da Barra
Meet the attractions and beauties
of our region.
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Check the weather forecast in
the main cities near the hotel.
Pirate Adventure Schooner located in Penha, the coast of Santa Catarina.

Flamboyant Hotel +55-47-3456.0666 | 3456.2127 - WhatsApp +55-47-99189-4144
309, Itajuba Avenue - Barra Velha City, Santa Catarina - Brazil

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